BAYLEY HAZEN BLUE (beyl-ee xa-ZEN bloo)

Description: VERMONT - A natural-rinded blue, sweet and buttery, unique balanced flavors from buttered toast, hazelnuts to licorice developing from the lush pasture lands of Vermont. Its texture is fudgy and dense. Brought to us by Jasper Hill farm. Pair with honey and walnuts. Also try with a dark stout beer and for a grand finale, port.

Region: USA
Milk Type: Cow



Description: AUVERGNE - This moist, creamy blue has well-distributed greenish-blue veining and a thin salty rind. Its flavor becomes more intense and spicy as it ages. A wonderful addition to crisp salad greens, melted over pasta or serve on a cheese board alongside juicy red pears, a robust red wine or sweet Sauternes.

Region: France
Milk Type: Cow



BUTTERMILK BLUE (buht-er-milk bloo)

Description: WISCONSIN - Rich and addictive, this blue offers a unique tang. It is made predominantly from the milk of Jersey cows in northwest Wisconsin, which are known to provide extremely rich and flavorful milk. Visually stunning with intricate blue veining. Perfect crumbled on salads or paired with walnuts and honey, try with a Rioja.

Region: USA
Milk Type: Cow


CAMBOZOLA BLACK LABEL (cam-ba-ZOLA blak Ley-buh)

Description: BAVARIA-Champignon, makers of Cambozola are proud to bring this new masterpiece. They have skillfully refined the ripening process through longer ageing in special cold cellars, resulting in a premium triple creme with exquisite blue veining and a unique natural gray molded rind. Pair with stout. Serve with warm truffle honey.

Region: Germany
Milk Type: Cow


GORGONZOLA DOLCE (gor-gahn-ZOH-lah DOLE-chay)

Description: LOMBARDY, PIEDMONT - Gorgonzola Dolce is aged three to six months producing a creamy, mildly spicy, earthy flavor. One of the trio of world-class blues, along with Roquefort and Stilton. Pair with walnut bread and honey. Enjoy with a glass of Pinot Noir or a sweer Riesling.

Region: Italy
Milk Type: Cow


VALDEON (vahl-day-OHN)

Description: VALDEON VALLEY - The cheese is made year-round from cow and goat millk. The paste has a soft texture and pale yellow color and is full of small cavities where a white and greenish blue mould is concentrated. Its flavor is salty, pronounced, piquant and long lasting. Enjoy with a fruity red like a Sherry and pears and grapes.

Region: Spain
Milk Type: Cow and Goat